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1) You as DRC are to fight honorably and without fear.

2) No member is permited to use a cheat mech in
any way shape or form.

3) You as a DRC are to respect all clans. ( including KR )

4) You will respect all personel of higher rank.

5) All members are to be as active as possible.

6) All members must try to attent meetings. - 9:00pm (EST)-


1) Never fire apon a regenerating mech.
2) Fight with honor- Rembember you represent DRC.

3) When a HOLD is called, you are to hold.

4) Dishonor is not allowed, and will be dealt with.


1) Trial of entry ( ToE )-
Trials of entry are used in a Stormcrow Primary Configuration, no radar, .75 gravity, Ramsau, Cold, with heat. In this trial members are to face trialie in 1 on 1 combat. If the Trialie meets up to the clan Standards that person is in. However if that person is not suited in the eyes of the trialer, that trialer may disallow entry into the clan. If the trialie passed the Trialer will call a hold, and inform everyone to return to mplayer. Once there, the Trialer will explain the DRC requirments:

-they must chnage their name to DRC-*their name*

-the must supply an adiquate Email and if they have it, ICQ number

all of which must be send to the khan.

2) Trial of position ( ToP )-
Trials of position are to determin a new rank. in this trial the warriors take a Timberwolf Primary Configuration. and battles to 5 on the Heads Up Display (HUD) once 5 has been reached the victor, will call a hold. and bolth will return to mplayer. once there, the victor will report the status of the game, and be awarded the new rank.

3) Trials of Keshik ranks ( ToK* )-
Before any keshik member is sent into a trial of position. The Keshik must vote on if they feel that the warrior seeking that rank is fit to hold that position. If the keshik agrees the warriors go into combat, if the rank defender wins, (s)he will have the opertunity to
A: Ban that member from the clan,
B: Return the warrior to their original rank.
If the warrior trialing for the rank is victorious, (S)he is rewarded that rank. and Stature in the clan. However, after 1-2 weeks the keshik feels that the member is unable to preform the duties, they may return the former rank holder to office

-TOK, is a DRC term not official in the MWII leagues.