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This is my chapter in the DRC book of Rememberance. other members may enter their own history of themselfs and to the clan. EMAIL me with your chapter.

These are the words of the first warrior, a member in a great clan, known as DRC… Long ago, before the inner sphere had its Rifleman, and its Summoners, there was a warrior know as 17897. He had been in the clan Jade Falcon. But after the brutal defeat on the planet Atruis, he was mortally wounded. Left limping next to his timberwolf by his clan. He found that the clan he had served to his full extent had left him to die. With his last ounce of strength he puled himself into his timberwolf and departed his trusted home world.

The warrior found himself in new territory, the inner sphere. Far away from his brethren and their conquest for Terra. He looked around and saw several great houses battling each other. He did not understand why they where doing this. All the warrior had known was to take the planet, Terra, from the Wolf. He tried to join the houses, but to no avail. They where all the massive legions of the inner sphere. Battling like dezgra warriors. No honor, no glory. He took it upon himself to create a new clan. But before he did so he had to learn the ways of the inner sphere. He heard of this thing called CLASSES, he was unsure what these were. He asked, but all other warriors were blind to his presence. With a heavy heart, he discontinued his efforts… Until he stumbled across the Freebirth caste. This strange new order was different then what he was used to. They followed no leader, and they made their own wishes. These true honor warriors helped the new clan leader. They taught him the ways of the classes, and how to organize, and create a group of warriors. He and his new found knowledge bed farewell to the Freebirths, and established the first DRC hall. Before one day had passed, there where 3 members in this yet unnamed clan. They sat around the newly made clan holoprojector and started thinking. There where several ideas, Dark Wolfs, Dark Empire, but then the idea came for DRAGONS CLAW. All where pleased with this new name. But there was one more problem. There already was a DC. What to do now? They though. So they all agreed that the clan would take the first 2 initials of the name along with the 1st from the last name, and form DRC.

After one week, the DRC established Keshik. However unstable as this early Keshik was, it was productive. Arranging meetings, and recruiting halls. The DRC thrived, for a substantial amount of time. Until one day when the khan received word that the Galaxy Commander had to leave the clan. With a heavy heart DRC hailed the warrior, and went on their way.

When the clan completed its first binary, there was rejoice. Now the clan was able to enter the MCL. The clan informed the Ilkhan of the league, and where accepted. But not all was well in the DRC clan. Rumors of mutiny and rebellion found their way to the Keshik. The khan called a secret meeting with the still active Keshik members. Through a communications network entitled ICQ. They discussed the issue. But the remaining Keshik members seemed unsure, and the khan and Sakhan closed the meeting. The following day, the Dezgra Victor K, had influenced 4 other DRC members into rebellion. And so, at 0200 hours, DRC lost for members to the rebellion. After this DRC was never the same. The khan called a meeting, for which all members had to attend. He then received messages (VIA Email) that 5 of the members had resigned due to the recent rebellion. He was stunned. Only 6 DRC members showed. It was clear, that DRC had a larger problem then expected. The khan and the remaining DRC forces resigned from the MCL. And began to rebuild.

Durring the time between the rebellion and the fall, DRC went through many stages, and once looked like it might of fallen before it did.

We are coming back now, months have passed since the Rebellion, and DRC is back, we shall reclaim our place among the clans, and we shall proudly wave the flag of DRC, with honor.


I seek revenge, on those whom opposed the clan, way back when. so that one day, we, the dragon, will suppress the raven. and be victorious, once again...


Out of the blackend remains of a mercenary group, DRC-ikickbooty was a freebirth who saw the light of honor. He rose from defeat to become the galaxy commander. Little is known or is asked about his origins, may the next verse begin...