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Humble Beginnings 

            Dragons Claw was founded on Janurary 7th, 1998. The original members’ names have been forgot with time. The clan came from humble beginnings. At first a 5-member clan, the clan rapidly grew to encompass over 20 members in a short period of time. The most prominent of these members was a Nova Captain named Upsguysbro. Upsguysbro kept moral among the DRC warriors high; his fighting skills have yet to be match on the field of battle. When Upsguysbro was forced to leave the clan, the Keshik collapsed.  

The Crisis 

            The clan was now in a crisis; the Keshik had all but disbanded. And the member quote of the clan had dropped significantly. It was decided that a series of trials were needed to replace the missing keshik members, and restore order to the clan. But all was not well. Several members of the clan were scheming to overthrow the current keshik entirely and take control of DRC. These members we will call the Conspirators. The unknowing Keshik arranged for all the higher-ranking members to engage each other in 1 on 1 combat. The victors would be placed in order in the Keshik. On the last day of the Trials the conspirators made their presence known. At the Clan meeting table, the conspirators stood and announced that they were taking control of the clan, and if necessary, by force. The Conspirators were quick to find that over half the members were willing to stay with the clan, and only 5 or so would join them. And with their plan backfired, the Khan expelled the members from the clan. With that, the conspirators stormed out of the hall, and met with the opposing Clan. The opposing clan did not accept the members; knowing that the Dezgra were too dishonorable even for them. And they were thrown out of the hall. The Conspirators decided to form their own clan, with the sole purpose to eventually retake DRC. The new clan; KR, as is now, is around for the sole purpose of making bad the name of the Dragons Claw. 

Dark Times 

                The rebellion by the Dezgra KR caused several members to quit DRC. The clan was now decimated to a small number of only 5 members. The clan attempted to recruit members but to no avail. The Dark times were marked by one year of the clan just barley hanging on to existence. No records have survived from this time. And it is a period that no members wish to remember. 

Refound Meaning 

                 The return of the clan from the dark times is marked with the recruiting of members once again. The clan had survived over a year of strife and turmoil from the rebellion. The clan was slowly crawling out of its hole and into a new found warmth. The clan had grown to over 30 members following the Dark Times, and at least 2 members were always on at one time. DRC was once again a clan to recon with. 

The First Downfal

                The downfall of the 1st DRC came with yet another loss of its Keshik. The Social warfare with Dezgra KR had caused several members to wonder which clan to side with. Disorganization came along with the members, as people were on, yet had no rank, and no understanding of their clan structure, and its rich history. Finally, the last organized ruler resigned, and the clan fell into the Period of Recession. Warriors fought over control of the clan, and finally managed to disperse themselves amongst Mplayer, although none joined their Dezgra-Brethren. KR. 

The First Coming 

            The Khan and Galaxy Commander of the original DRC returned to Mplayer. The evil KR was still wreaking havoc amongst Mplayer. It had been nearly half a year since DRC had existed. When the khan entered the lobby, he was insulted by KR warriors, literally, they harassed him &c.

The Galaxy Commander also received the same treatment. So, it was decided that DRC would be reformed for the sole purpose of destroying the KR clan. Several of the original warriors returned to DRC, and within 2 days the clan had 10 original members, and began recruiting. 

The Second Downfall 

            For over half a year, the resurrected DRC stood tall in Mplayer, it ultimate goal, which was the destruction of KR was a success. And it stood ready; poised at the brink of league domination. It was however, not to be. The keshik members were needed elsewhere, and the members of the clan were not organized or sophisticated enough to run the clan, and so it was disbanded. 

The Dezgra Regime 

            Following the disbandment of DRC, the KR cowards, after hiding for months from their enemies, reformed KR. The KR slowly recruited their way up to what could barley be considered a clan. The original clan was disgraced when the khan himself quit the clan due to dishonor. They now however, were back on the stage, and were playing once again on the battlefields of Mplayer. 

The Second Coming 

            The reformation of KR was what DRC had feared. Some of the members of the 2nd DRC informed the former Khan of the KR reformation. They were infuriated, and plotted again to reform the DRC Clan, and take down the evil Raven.


To be Continued…