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 Governmental Structure

 Lord-Mandarin  Supreme Ruler
 Supreme Chancellor Second In Command
 Praetory Advisor Advisor of Praetor, NCO
 Supreme Praetor  Organizer of the Praefecti
 Elite Praefectus Continent Governors, Maximum of Seven
 Archon Territory Commander, Maximum of 4 per Continent

Archons maintain territories, and inform Praefectus of any occurrences in the territory
 - Praefecti Meet with Praetors, and Praetory Advisor
The Lord Mandarin, and Supreme Chancellor meet in a Tribunal, with the Praetory Advisor 

The earth will be divided into 2 hemispheres. The Lord Mandarin will command the forces of the Northern Hemisphere. The Supreme Chancellor Commands the forces (while still under control of Mandarin) of the Southern Hemisphere. The Mandarin and Chancellor will then appoint Praefecti to command each continent. The Praefecti will appoint Archons to maintain territory within their Continent.

 Military Chain of Command                                                                

Basellius Supreme Chancellor
Consul Praefecti
Talon Sergeant Archon
Major Captain















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