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The Imperium Tribunal

Known as the Guardians of Order in the peaceful era before the Freedom Guard uprising, the base Imperium infantry unit is armed with a laser rifle and wears a powered armor suit.

A fearless mechanical killer, the Bion is armored like a walking tank. This one-man cyborg death squad carries a massive plasma rifle and can fire at both ground and air units.

Exterminators are equipped with anti-gravity generators which allow them to hover over water. As infantry, they can also move over steep gradients that are generally inaccessible to hover vehicles. Exterminators are armed with poly-acid grenades that dissolve metal. They are very effective at attacking armor.

The Amper is the Imperium's version of first aid, this lunatic cyborg fires darts into dying infantry units that boost the target's health to full, but leave the unit poisoned so that its health will steadily decrease unit the unit dies. The Amper can also be used as an offensive weapon, bring slow death to enemy infantry.

The Infiltrator can morph into enemy infantry and is able to steal plans for enemy units and buildings. The unit can also observe he opponent's Minimap at the HQ building. Plans for units are obtained at the building where that unit is produced. The Infiltrator must return safely to his own HQ with all stolen plans.

The Hostage Taker snatches infantry units, lobotomizes them and converts them into Suicide Zombies. Shortly after the infantry unit is run over and captured, it is released, now under the player's control and with a high-powered explosive strapped to its back.

Scout Runner is a fast moving hover vehicle is armed with a laser and is fairly effective against both infantry and armor. However, it is not very sturdy, and is used primarily for front line reconnaissance.

The Plasma Tank is tough and packs a formidable plasma cannon. The Imperium overruns the enemy with endless waves of these ruinous machines.

The Tachyon Tank is the largest, most heavily armored beast on the battlefield. It's a ponderous mountain of havoc that has the last word in any argument. When the enemy does manage to overpower one of these Juggernaughts, it has the ability to self-destruct and take any nearby units down with it.

A huge, hovering nightmare, the Shredder tears through infantry like a runaway saw. Although it has no ranged attack, it is fast, heavily armored, and inflicts severe damage on any infantry.

The S.C.A.R.A.B is a long range weapon fires a fragmenting projectile that breaks into numerous burning particles over its target. This vehicle is slow and lightly armored, but it can enclose itself in a retractable armored exoskeleton when it gets in trouble. The unit cannot fire while this armor is engaged, but can weather a considerable beating while waiting for reinforcements.

Armed with a laser rifle, the Troop Transport can carry up to five infantry units at a time.

The MAD (Mobile Air Defense) fires bladed orbs at enemy air units. Like the Freedom Guard Flak Jack, it cannot fire at ground units and should be defended against land attack.

The Recon Drone is a small unmanned drone is lightly armored and has no offensive capability. It is used solely to scout enemy targets.

The Cyclone embodies the core of the Imperium aerial force. The unit is fairly rugged and can engage both air and ground units. However, the Cyclone's neutron cannon has a limited energy source and must recharge at the Re-Arming Deck.

The Sky Fortress is a floating platform that houses the largest plasma cannon know to humanity. It's slow to recharge but makes a lasting impact.



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